Twelve reasons for kids to pick E-books over Print Books

  1. Popularity: Looking cool with your digital device.
  2. Instant Access: You can get your books immediately.
  3. Lighten your load: You can carry 1000’s of books around with you. Especially good when bored.
  4. Identity: You can make it yours. You can personalize the look of the page: e.g. sepia mode, Georgia font.
  5. Subterfuge: Nobody will know what you’re reading.
  6. Keep up with technology: Since print books will soon be history. Get used to e‑reading.
  7. Ease of multi-tasking: You can read an e-book on your smartphone while standing in line.
  8. You can use search and sort functions to find your books in your personal digital library.
  9. Keep your parents off your back to clean your room: No piles of books on the floor.
  10. Speed-reading: Read faster and check out statistics on your reading skills.
  11. Set an example for adults to read digital books.
  12. Your books are your own. No one else can pick up your book and fold corners or bend the spines.