Twelve reasons for kids to pick Print Books over E-books

  1. Social functions: When you read a print book in public you can show everyone what you’re reading without having to tweet about it. Stealth factor: easier to hide behind a book than an e-reader.
  2. The senses: New or old print books have that heavenly book scent. Even a scrawny paperback has a lovely odor. There’s also the sound of the pages rustling. Some adults report a “rustic” experience with printed books. You’ll have to ask them what that means.
  3. The tactile experience: The print book, which has been around for hundreds of years, is a “thing” with a cover and real pages, not just a bunch of words. No amount of tech can mimic the sense of turning the page. Plus, the weight of the pages tells you how far you’ve come.
  4. Cool factor: print books—like vinyl records.
  5. Loss: You won’t be deleting a print book or losing it in the download or if your device malfunctions. If you lose your book around the house, eventually you’ll find it.
  6. Shopping: you can thumb through print books in bookstores, even some with coffee
  7. Hanging-out: in the library with all the other book dinosaurs. You can check books out with a library card and not use your credit card.
  8. Your personal library: You can look at your collection of books on the shelves.
  9. Décor: Some people, even kids, think books on shelves create an homey intellectual atmosphere. May or may not be important to you.
  10. Autograph collectors: you can get a book signed by an author
  11. Safe around water: You can read in the bathtub, in the pool, on the beach. No threat of fogging up with steam or worse.
  12. No batteries: Your book will never turn off and doesn’t have to be plugged in.